Woodlands Trail Program


The Woodlands Trail, with a focus on gaining knowledge, is a family program for boys: Kindergarten and First Grade (Foxes), Second and Third Grade (Hawks), and Fourth and fifth Grade (Mountain Lions) that involves the family in fun and inspiring activities.

The curriculum is a 2-year course of study for Trailmen (boys) in three age groups:

  • Foxes (Grades K-1)
  • Hawks (Grades 2-3)
  • Mountain Lions (Grades 4-5)

The Woodlands Trail Program focuses on meeting plans which revolve around a set curriculum to engage and teach program participants. The Six Program Emphases that guide this program are:

  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Character
  • Wisdom
  • Heritage
  • Faith

Weekly meeting plans guide the activities of the weekly meetings and focus on the Trailmen’s gaining knowledge in seven fields/branches of study. For more on these fields of study and awards see Woodlands Trail awards.

All meeting plans contain the Six F’s.

FOCUS: The Focus portion of the patrol meeting is to provide an academic or instructional element. This is the emphasis of the patrol time together to lay a foundation that the other F’s will build upon.

FINGERS: This portion offers an opportunity for the Trailmen to experience a project with “hands-on” learning. It is understood that boys learn to apply a lesson better when they can see and build or make something that would remind them of what is being taught.

FUN: This portion allows a time where Trailmen can burn off some energy. This is the time of the meeting for the Trailmen to play games or participate in a physical activity.

FAMILY: The Family portion of the meeting is simply the family emphasis for the principle taught. As the Trailmen learn throughout the years, it is the desire of Trail Life USA and the Woodland Trails Program to inform and involve the family in the learning process as much as possible.

FOREST BADGE: Identifies the Branches taught and Leaves earned during a meeting for each age group.

FAITH: This final portion of the meeting communicates pertinent biblical truths, values, and wisdom corresponding to the lesson.